Process-driven production losses — particularly due to quality and waste — are a challenge for any food manufacturer. Sometimes, the cause is fairly straightforward; but what do you do when your process experts can’t find the root cause?

This is a common problem for manufacturers in all industries. But for one international manufacturer of breads, crackers and biscuits, shrugging off those losses wasn’t an option.

One of their production lines in western Europe was suffering persistent losses in quality and waste, specifically:

  • Rejects due to net weight underweight
  • Burned/over-toasted bread
  • Size and shape variability issues

Their process experts were using an advanced self-serve analytics platform — but still were unable to locate the root cause of these losses. To their puzzlement, in most cases where losses occurred, no clear process  inefficiencies were apparent, and the data tags they investigated appeared to be operating within the permitted ranges.

Predictive Quality & Yield to the Rescue

That changed shortly after they implemented the Seebo Predictive Quality and Yield Solution. Using the Seebo solution, the company’s process experts were able to identify the hidden causes of their production losses, and gain clear recommendations as to how to prevent those process inefficiencies. Furthermore, production teams received proactive alerts as soon as those inefficiencies were detected – enabling them to prevent losses before they occurred.

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This breakthrough eventually translated into a major reduction of waste and quality issues — up to 70% for some! Ultimately, the company was able to save hundreds of thousands of euros each year on that production line, by preventing some of their most damaging production losses.

Want to learn how they did it? Read the case study below: