Each season, fashion designers talk about bringing the future to the present. With the uprising of smart fashion items, those promises may become real. From high fashion to casual wear, smart clothing and accessories are engaging with the digital world in a variety of new and exciting ways.

Smart clothing trends

Wareable.com, one of the leading websites that covers wearable products and technology, reviewed the best smart clothing products last year (2015). Their list gives a glimpse into the leading trends in smart fashion. From insoles that warm your feet to maternity clothes that track heart rate, temperature, breathing and blood pressure, the emerging smart fashion market just keeps on growing in different directions.        

Ralph Lauren, one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world, is offering a shirt that streams real-time workout data such as heart rate and breathing depth to your smartphone via Bluetooth. An exclusive app then offers live biometrics, adaptive workouts and more.    

Since Apple introduced the Apple Watch with fitness and health-monitoring capabilities, the watch industry has worked on bringing additional smart watches to the market. Fossil and Intel teamed up to launch a line of wearables: Android wear smartwatches with activity trackers.    

Under Armour made strategic purchases of health and fitness apps and now owns one of the largest digital health and fitness communities in the world. The company builds on these platforms in various ways, including launching smart clothes that decrease the risk of injury by measuring an athlete’s bodily statistics: pulse, peak acceleration, etc.   


It’s only the beginning

High-fashion brands are running to make products which not only look smart, but also have smart technology sewn in. The interaction between smart devices and the fashion world can also give companies more data on users and entice sales. In the next couple of years, smart fashion will help us take better care of ourselves, be more comfortable, and be more connected – in style.  

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Yarden Hod

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