This article is part of a series highlighting companies that are growing and innovating through the Internet of Things.

The experts all agree. The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming consumer goods, commercial and industrial markets with new technological capabilities and data insights. Smart products and systems are enabling manufacturers to drive innovation and provide customers with a range of new capabilities for improving efficiency, enhancing user experience and meeting their target goals.

The lighting industry is adopting IoT to take advantage of these new opportunities. Greengage, a leading provider of LED lighting for precision farming, is embracing IoT to transform livestock management and improve operational efficiency in farming. The company turned to Seebo’s platform for modeling, simulating and delivering an innovative IoT smart lights system with remote control and monitoring. This is how they did it:

When everything is going IoT, get smart

Greengage recognized the rapid growth of IoT all around us– from smart homes and offices, to factories and farms– and the opportunity it provides for manufacturers to plug their existing products into the IoT ecosystem. The company chose to develop smart lighting to take advantage of the market opening, maintain a competitive edge and deliver value to their customers.

But to succeed in the livestock industry, Greengage had to find a way to address the growing workload of farmers and to offer a lighting solution that would simplify livestock management and increase productivity.

Their team tackled the challenge by using the Seebo platform to virtually model smart lights with the ability to monitor and control operations inside a barn. On the platform, their team browsed through a library of IoT components and easily added features to their product to detect everything from shifts in temperature to harmful conditions affecting animal welfare and changes in system productivity.

Smart lights modeled in the Seebo IoT Platform | Seebo

To complete their winning concept, Greengage defined on the platform a mobile app and cloud to enable farmers to control the system remotely and automatically.

Within weeks, Greengage simulated the functionality of the entire IoT system to get quick proof of concept. The team collaborated with partners from Seebo’s IoT Marketplace to breakdown the costs of the project and assess business feasibility before launching into development.

Lead the industry, disrupt the market

The Greengage team quickly progressed with their IoT system, scheduled to launch in early 2018.

The smart lights, sensors and connected app built on the Seebo platform will provide farmers with operational, production and welfare benefits completely new to the industry.

Greengage is now in a strategic position to disrupt livestock management and pave the way for plugging in smart lighting across industries.

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