An increasingly connected healthcare system is emerging in which healthcare providers, medical centers, devices, nurses, doctors, and patients are able to interact and communicate in previously unimaginable ways.

In this new era, patient health is monitored with wearables, status updates are available for medical professionals instantaneously, equipment is tracked in real-time, predictive maintenance is used to prevent machine failures and smart hospitals bring together disparate systems with sensors and transmitted data for optimized operations.

At the heart of this transformation is the Internet of Things (IoT).

To understand how IoT will affect healthcare and take it in new directions, we need to first look at why and how the industry is embracing IoT.

Business Benefits Driving IoT Adoption

The leading drivers for companies in the healthcare space to explore and develop IoT solutions range from reducing costs to providing improved care.

Here are the top reasons organizations pursue IoT for delivering value to their company and customers:

Healthcare IoT Use Cases  

While the business benefits of IoT may look promising, they don’t hold weight without practical use cases for developing and implementing IoT-enabled products and services in the healthcare system.

These are some of the ways in which IoT is making an impact in medical centers, hospitals and home care:

  • Remote monitoring of patients in hospital and home settings with cloud-based software
  • Tracking of medical equipment, inventory, supplies and medications with RFIDs
  • Navigating patient care with insights supplied by data analytics
  • Optimizing machine and equipment performance with predictive maintenance
  • Ensuring safety with monitored sanitation measures, controlled pharmaceutical storage, automatic identification of devices and personnel, and integrated security systems
  • Documenting patient health with auto-generated data
  • Improving hospital management with sensors for monitoring the environment, assets, staff and patient flow

There’s no question that healthcare today is on the edge of a technological revolution. How IoT will play a role in bringing the industry to its full innovative potential is a story to follow.