Today, we’re at a tipping point. Manufacturers are rapidly embracing and adopting the Internet of Things (IoT). The latest Seebo IoT market research provides insight into how company IoT readiness is growing, and with it new considerations for business goals, strategy and implementation.

The infographic below details our findings from the industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare and transportation sectors.

Our IoT market research highlights include:

  • 52% of companies believe that IoT will be a key differentiator for securing future business
  • 85% of companies believe that IoT is or will be a game changer in their industry
  • The 3 top IoT business goals are: turning products into services, increasing sales, and gaining data-driven insights for product development
  • 31% of companies have IoT-enabled products in development or on the market
  • 73% of companies believe that data from IoT can improve their product development
  • 71% of companies report not having the internal skills and know-how for developing IoT
  • 40% of company IoT exploration and ideation is led by R&D and Engineering