We’re excited to announce the launch of the IoT Academy, a comprehensive resource of knowledge, best practices and tips for manufacturers who are looking to tap into the Internet of Things and build connected products.

Seebo acknowledges that today’s buyers have become always connected, more digital and more sophisticated. Product manufacturers must adapt in order to maintain relevance.

Seebo recognizes the growing aspiration of manufacturers to adapt to dramatic market changes and create connected products, as well as their concerns: A lack of visibility into the IoT product process and uncertainty as to what that process entails. The IoT academy addresses the most common questions manufacturers and developers have when building smart products for the first time.

An IoT encyclopedia for connected product manufacturers and developers

The demand for smart products is soaring, but supplying a connect product demands numerous fields of expertise such as: design; software development; firmware development; hardware; big data; integration points and product manufacturing. The IoT Academy is an accumulation of knowledge, best practices, and methodologies that the Seebo team has acquired over the years. We are happy to share our experience and help manufactures and companies to build a smarter, more connected world.

Guides for the entire IoT product lifecycle

The guides have been written by Seebo’s experts who work on a daily basis closely with customers: manufacturers, distributors, factories, hardware vendors and developers. They identified the questions people ask the most and answered them through articles that guide readers through the entire smart product lifecycle.

Join the Community

The academy serves to educate a growing network of professionals and encourages the trading of ideas, input, and experience. We invite you to publish your own article on the Academy and contribute to the global IoT community. 

We hope you find the IoT Academy an insightful tool for understanding the fast-growing world of IoT.


Lior Akavia, Seebo CEO

building smart products - the IoT production line

Lior Akavia

Lior co-founded Seebo in 2012 and serves as the CEO. Previously he successfully launched and managed Playfect (acquired) with his brother Liran, delivering value to investors, employees and the market. Lior’s innate understanding of complex technical issues combined with an ability to analyze markets has allowed him to intuit ‘where the ball is going’ – especially in the rapidly changing field of IoT. Lior has led multiple large-scale R&D projects and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. (which he earned at 19) with a major in computer science.