The smart living trend is rapidly growing, and everything inside modern homes is becoming connected. Be it smart refrigerators and lights, IoT home security and monitoring, or using data to control and order products remotely – smart homes are adding value and business opportunities to many industries. Big corporations have caught on to the potential in IoT homes and are moving fast to get their share of the pie.

What smart homes will look like

Want to make cooking at home easier? Meet June, a smart oven that promises to help you cook smarter by identifying the food, weighing it, and recommending the best cooking program to fit your taste buds.

Want to save on energy bills? Try using a smart thermostat. This category in particular has been revolutionized in the market over the past few years, and devices which automatically adjust a room’s temperature are more and more dominant. Features include adjusting the temperatures to fit the time of day and remote monitoring to keep your house warm or cold when you arrive.

Connected home devices include home automation devices (such as smart thermostats and WiFi-enabled lightbulbs), home monitoring devices (such as a connected security camera that broadcasts to a person’s device), and home security devices (such as a security camera that connects to a central monitoring station).

Need to do laundry? South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung recently presented its WW8500 AddWash smart washing machine. The AddWash lets you add laundry in the midst of an ongoing was. Users can monitor and operate the machine via a smartphone, as well as receive notifications.

A smart mattress for IoT homes
The Luna Mattress connects with multiple home appliances. Photo Credits:

Tired after a long day at work? TechCrunch reported on how Luna’s smart mattress will help you sleep better by tracking your sleep and adjusting the environment, including lights and room temperature.

The list of smart devices and smart products for IoT Homes is keeps growing. Seebo explores new smart home concepts each month and we’re sure the explosion in demand will lead to more and more innovations to talk about.

Get business value through smart connected prodcuts

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