Virtualizing the ‘Thing’ in the Internet of Things

We’re proud to announce the launch of our breakthrough IoT Platform that democratizes the Internet of Things, making it simple for manufacturers to modernize their products and join the transformation to a smart, connected world.

The Seebo IoT Platform bridges the gap between the physical product and the digital world, empowering manufacturers to revitalize business models and manufacturing processes to gain a competitive edge in the 21st century.

For the first time, product manufacturers have the tools to build smart, connected products on one platform and unlock the complex world of hardware components, hardware-related development and connectivity. Access tools for ideation and product planning through a virtual product model and benefit from virtualization and automation to streamline smart product development and integration processes.

Gartner forecasts that by 2020, everything will be smart and connected. Our vision is to make it possible for any business to take part in this transformation and stay relevant.

Seebo’s next generation platform is poised to transform planning, development, integration and partnering for smart connected products through a virtualized platform that dramatically simplifies and streamlines the process of going smart while reducing costs per unit.

Here are some of the new capabilities the platform offers:


Identify and validate smart product use cases straight from your browser on an accurate virtual model of your device

Seebo’s visualized IoT product planning environment giving manufacturers the tools to ideate, explore and validate use cases, and assign IoT hardware on a 3D product model — to identify and match the right hardware solutions to fit unique smart product concepts. The platform enables users to share product concepts with stakeholders, engage and source third parties via marketplaces, and facilitate getting the smart product to market.  

The IoT hardware discovery engine

Democratizing the world of hardware components

The Seebo IoT platform brings product teams into the IoT fold through a Hardware Discovery Engine that translates day-to-day descriptions of product functionality into IoT hardware terminology, delivering the tools to select the right hardware solutions for your product.

Discover a comprehensive set of tools that transforms smart product development into a simple, fast and easy process.


Hardware related development can be tedious and painful. The Internet of Things is about connecting the physical to the virtual world, which can produce new challenges for development teams.

This advanced virtualization technology brings unique flexibility and agility to the process of smart application development — reducing complexity for development and testing teams, increasing quality and significantly cutting time to market.


One of the most important features of a smart product is its capacity to connect Things to the Cloud. Establishing a wireless network enables a device to collect, analyze and act on data, and to remotely manage, update and operate smart devices. Seebo provides developers with out-of-the-box integration solutions for fast and easy connectivity across heterogeneous technologies, multiple processors and sensors.

Seebo’s 360° coverage provides further solutions for the unique challenges introduced by the Internet of Things by offering an all-encompassing ecosystem of leading third parties. Get information to negotiate with third parties to make informed decisions about taking your smart product to market.

Seebo’s platform is built to transform the development of smart products, providing a streamlined platform that will make smart product development increasingly simple, affordable and centrally managed. With the ability to cut time to market, allow for faster product iterations and reduce labor costs, the new IoT platform is set to revolutionize smart product development.

Build smart products and speed up time to market  - the IoT Platform with virtual automated tools

Lior Akavia

Lior co-founded Seebo in 2012 and serves as the CEO. Previously he successfully launched and managed Playfect (acquired) with his brother Liran, delivering value to investors, employees and the market. Lior’s innate understanding of complex technical issues combined with an ability to analyze markets has allowed him to intuit ‘where the ball is going’ – especially in the rapidly changing field of IoT. Lior has led multiple large-scale R&D projects and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. (which he earned at 19) with a major in computer science.