We’re excited to announce the release of our latest platform update! These new features will help you better define and plan your smart product or system for a successful launch:

Multiple units and canvases in the IoT Creator

Now you can define even more complex systems through multiple IoT project units. Each unit is visually represented by its own canvas for easy scoping of your IoT system.

The IoT Creator. Seebo

Solution Planner

Seebo’s new solution planner allows you to capture both the suggested solutions and expected cost range of every aspect of the IoT project, including the cost per unit, fixed costs, and recurring costs.

The Solution Planner inside Seebo's Platform

Visual App Definition

Your IoT app can now be defined in-depth, including visualization of your app’s screens. Choose a ready-made wireframe or upload your own screen design to define functionality screen by screen.

Visual app definition on the Seebo platform

Connectivity Wizard

It’s easy to choose the best connectivity for your product with Seebo’s Connectivity Selector Tool. Simply answer the questions, and the platform suggests the type of connectivity that best suits your smart system.

Seebo's unique Connectivity Selector Tool on the IoT Platform


At Seebo, we’re always looking for ways to hack IoT development. Click here to learn more about Seebo’s IoT Innovation Platform.