Seebo’s platform has a new, intuitive navigation flow! Now it’s easier than ever for you to turn great concepts into revolutionary smart products and systems.

What’s new on the platform:

High-Level view from the Project Page for Efficient IoT Product Management

Now the project page offers a complete high-level view of a specific project where you see all related versions, discussions, files and tasks, making it easier for you to manage your smart project quickly.

A Project page in the Seebo IoT Development Platform. Image source: Seebo
A Project page in the Seebo Platform. Image source: Seebo
  •  When you enter the platform, you can move from the view of all projects to a specific project page.
  • From the project page, you can define your project overview, view all project versions, and manage their life phases.
  • You can also access the project discussions, files and tasks from the same page for efficient, centralized IoT project management.

Access planning, collaboration and execution tools from one place  

With the new navigation bars, it’s easy to navigate in between planning, execution and collaborating with your teams to streamline the design and development processes.

IoT product management made easy – design, planning, execution and collaboration tools from one place.
  • From the Project page, select a specific version to work on, or open a new version
  • Easily utilize all the tools from one place: Planning tools, Execution tools and Collaboration tools
  • Collaborate with other teams to get the big picture of where your project stands.

At Seebo, we’re always looking for ways to make your IoT development process quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective. Keep an eye out for blog posts about new platform features, examples of IoT Innovation, and best practice tips.