ReadWrite, the self-described “leading media platform” for everything related to “IoT and the Connected World”, published a post by Seebo Co-founder and CEO Lior Akavia. In the article, Akavia makes an important delineation between getting ‘connected’ – i.e. connecting a product to a smart device, another connected product, or the cloud – and a ‘smart product’. The latter involves a product which is “intuitive” and easy to use; these factors rely on smart product design and development, which “involve several key factors on the user-facing side.”

To learn what user-facing elements are involved when building a smart product, read the full article.

IoT white paper - smart products transform business growth

Zahava Dalin-Kaptzan

Zahava is a Content and Marketing Manager at Seebo and a writer who loves exploring new technologies through the written world.