Last month, we added a new user flow to the platform in order to make your user experience smoother and more intuitive.

Today we’re excited to share new expansions to the platform that make it easier to work with others on your project, whether they’re in your office or on the other side of the world: Roles and permissions access, ‘Share’ flow and invites, and solution planner views.

TIP – You can get more details about using the Seebo platform in the Seebo Guides.

Roles and Permissions

Using Rules and Permissions on the Seebo Platform.

The platform offers different permission access for different user types. Now, when you share your smart project, you can control what people see and which data they can access for better control and risk prevention.

The new roles are:

  1. AdminFull editing and setting permissions for all projects and all users in your company + access to the company components and solutions database
  2. MemberEditing permissions with some limitations to the company projects they are shared with (cannot delete a version, sees only discussions and tasks that were shared with him, and cannot manage user permissions)
  3. PartnerViewer-only permission: Partners get access to the Specifications hub, to their own copy of the Solution Mode, and to shared Discussions, Tasks and Files

You can set and manage roles in 2 ways:

  • When you invite a user to the platform using the Share Screen
  • Using the Permissions Settings menu in the platform (for the company Admin only)

All user permissions are set at the company level.

New Share Flow

Share your IoT project with collaborators. The Seebo Platform

Inviting collaborators to your project is now easier than ever!

You can invite collaborators in 4 ways:

  • From the project home
  • From within the specific version work space (see the image above)  
  • From the Marketplace – click on the ‘Invite Partner’ button to request a service from a selected partner 
  • With Seebo’s help – when you click ‘Select a partner’ from the version work space or project home, your Client Solutions Manager will get back to you to help you choose a partner

Solution Planner: New Views and Filters

The Seebo Platform Solution Planner: Views and Filters | Seebo Blog

The new ‘Solution Planner’ views are a secure and easy way to get quotes from multiple partners and compare multiple offers in a structured view.

After a partner is invited, they have access to the Review Mode and the Solutions Planner. Here they see their own copy of the Solution Planner, where they can fill in their solutions and prices

TIP – While each partner’s solution planner is hidden from other partners, company users (Admin and Member) can view all the suggested planners from all users. It’s a discrete and secure way of comparing prices between partners. 

Design, Develop and Deploy anything and everything IoT

We hope these updates make the Seebo Platform even easier for you and your team to use to manage the IoT development process.

If you’re not yet using the Seebo platform, learn more about the benefits or request a demo to learn more.