Software Development Times, a leading site for development news, published a Newswire post about the Seebo smart product platform. The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform helps manufacturers, developers and industry professionals “reduce cost per unit and accelerate the introduction of smart products to the market.” The Seebo virtual planning, development and integration tools make hardware “easy to work with” for IoT developers and “bridges th[e] gap for manufacturers by providing the resources, skills and tools to easily and seamlessly incorporate IoT technology.”

The Internet of Things platform is divided into planning and development sections and also includes a third party marketplace where manufacturers can connect with everyone from app developers to PCB factories. Unlike other IoT platforms, Seebo is user-friendly for both product and development teams, with an intuitive drag and drop hardware discovery engine and costing estimator as well as software and firmware libraries that simplify the process of going smart.

To read the full article about Seebo’s smart product platform, visit SD Times.

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Zahava Dalin-Kaptzan

Zahava is a Content and Marketing Manager at Seebo and a writer who loves exploring new technologies through the written world.