Today, we broke the exciting news that Seebo is joining forces with Augury, the world’s leading Machine Health solution provider, marking the emergence of a new category of Industrial Artificial Intelligence solutions: Production Health.

It’s a category that is long overdue; a need that manufacturers the world over have been trying in vain to fill with disparate solutions, which at best combine to solve part of the challenge, but not all of it.

Why is this move such a big deal for the manufacturing industry? And what does this mean for our mutual customers, and manufacturers more generally?

At last: a holistic solution covering your production processes, machinery and operations

Seebo’s mission is to enable manufacturers to unlock the full potential of their production lines, and build a simultaneously more profitable and sustainable model of manufacturing. Our proprietary, Process-Based Artificial Intelligence™ solution is helping the world’s leading manufacturers to optimize their production processes – improving quality, throughput and yield, while cutting emissions and waste, and reducing energy costs.

Augury’s vision is actually remarkably similar, but focused on a different, equally critical, challenge for manufacturers. They are the leading AI-driven Machine Health Solution for manufacturing and other industrial sectors, with many leading manufacturers using their technology to predict and prevent industrial machine failures, and improve machine performance – reducing downtime, maximizing production capacity, optimizing the cost of asset care and accelerating their digital transformation.

Until now these challenges – process health and machine health – have been addressed separately by manufacturers. But during our mutual work with the world’s top manufacturing executives, both companies repeatedly heard the same thing:

“There is so much common ground, and your solutions complement each other perfectly. Both companies have created AI solutions that drive quick time to value when applied to specific customer use cases. Both also believe that putting solutions directly in the hands of the people who face challenges – rather than data scientists and consultants who are removed from where work is being done – is the best way to solve problems.”

“So… why not join forces?”

Listening to the needs of the industry

It’s not often that your customers play such a “matchmaking” role. But when we’re talking about the world’s top manufacturing executives, their opinions are certainly worth considering.

What we heard over countless conversations with these executives was that never before have manufacturers faced such a challenging environment. From ever-rising costs, to an increasingly crowded competitive environment and high consumer awareness and expectations – and on top of all that, increased focus on sustainability targets that often conflict with their other business objectives!

In the face of such a challenging, dynamic and unpredictable environment, manufacturers need to take back control. Not just of one aspect or another – process vs. assets; profits vs. the environment – but of their entire production.

It’s not just about having a “one-stop-shop” for process health and machine health – although this is surely an advantage in itself. Ultimately, it makes little sense for manufacturers to tackle asset-based and process-based challenges separately – because they are intrinsically linked. After all, the performance of their assets inevitably affect the efficiency and performance of their production processes; while the processes – chemical, physical or otherwise – impacts their machine health in complex and unpredictable ways.

If process efficiency and machine health are approached separately, neither will be achieved as fully as possible. Only by viewing production as a single, holistic challenge can manufacturers unlock the full potential of their factories and production lines.

Production Health is the future of manufacturing

By combining the leading machine health solution with the leading process optimization solution, manufacturers can now gain a holistic view across production processes, machines and operations. So manufacturers can both optimize process-driven objectives like quality, yield, waste, throughput, emissions and energy – while cutting downtime and maintenance costs for their machines. Or in other words: Process Health + Machine Health = Production Health.

Production Health elevates industry outcomes by uncovering AI-driven insights into the interdependence of machines, processes, and operations. By leveraging these insights, businesses will make better decisions, improve outcomes, empower the workforce, and benefit the environment.

Combined, our machine health and process health solutions will give customers real-time, actionable insights that can improve the health of every layer of the business – spanning machines, processes, and operations. Customers can drive major improvements in overall product and service quality, sustainability efforts, and efficiency and safety goals, all while accelerating digital transformation.

What this means for our customers

This development has the power to fundamentally change how manufacturing and industrial companies do business, by unlocking $1 trillion in untapped capacity, and creating a more balanced relationship between companies and their customers, workers and the environment.

This acquisition brings together the required technology and expertise from both Seebo and Augury – from Process Health and Machine Health – into one proven partner, to help our customers advance their own strategies in digital transformation to solve their most urgent challenges.

Current Augury and Seebo customers will see continued development in our machine health and process health platforms even as we look to integrate these solutions to create even more value. Customer engagement to enable maximum value throughout the entire maturity journey of our customers will remain a foundation of our value proposition.

If you want to hear more, join us on Tuesday, May 24th at 11:00 am EST for “Production Health Starts Here,” a webinar hosted by Artem Kroupenev (Augury’s VP of Strategy) and Liran Akavia (Seebo’s Co-Founder and COO). We’ll cover the changes happening at Seebo and hear from industry experts and analysts alike about the future of production health – and why it is so critical for the future of manufacturing.