Seebo ranks 1st place in the AI for Manufacturing space, 4th place overall in global study

Seebo has been named among the top five Artificial Intelligence startups by the International Business Times, in their recently released list of “Top AI Startups & Scaleups”.

Seebo was the highest-ranked Industrial Artificial Intelligence company on the list, and took the 4th spot overall out of 111 companies from around the world.

The IBT ranking is the latest development in an exciting year for Seebo, coming on the heels of a $24 million funding round, and as several leading manufacturers expanded their use of the Seebo solution across multiple production lines.

It’s also the latest major recognition for Seebo’s proprietary Process-Based Artificial Intelligence™ solution. In 2020 the World Economic Forum included Seebo in its prestigious list of Technology Pioneers – joining the ranks of Google, Twitter, Spotify and AirBnB.

It’s another exciting milestone for us at Seebo. The AI scene has exploded over the past decade, and there are many powerful and innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies across nearly every industry you can think of, solving a range of problems. So to see Seebo recognized consistently by prestigious industry observers like the International Business Times and the World Economic Forum – is a great honour, and an exciting sign of things to come.

Watch this space!