Seebo made the list of CB Insights’ “11 Tech Companies to Watch for 2016”.  The venture capital and angel investment database “focused on business-to-business markets, including cybersecurity, digital health, customer analytics, and more”. CB Insights listed its picks for top Tech businesses on its blog on March 31st.

IoT company as high-tech commodity

CB Insights used a Mosaic algorithm to rate companies based on their financial health, strength of industry category, and momentum. Its choice of industry as a factor in weighing companies, and the strong weighting Seebo received, reinforce the idea that IoT and IoT platforms have a growing value in the high-tech arena. The results match predictions for Industry of Things growth from Business Insider, Mckinsey and other business analysts.

Interestingly, out of the eleven featured companies, two market IoT-related products; the other companies listed are in the fields of cybersecurity, data and consumer analytics –  all industries relevant to IoT. The in-market phase of connected products synthesizes data on user and product analytics to give manufacturer’s real-time insight on how their product is used. Many IoT companies, including Seebo, work with innovative business who provide advanced data analytics and allow the IoT platform to build connected products that stay smart and secure throughout the product life cycle.

Seebo is an IoT company that markets a dynamic platform for developing smart, connected products, with unique tools for ideation, development and collecting in-market insight. The company is continually optimizing its platform to provide the best end-to-end solution for product manufacturers and developers of smart products.

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Zahava Dalin-Kaptzan

Zahava is a Content and Marketing Manager at Seebo and a writer who loves exploring new technologies through the written world.