Last week, with the launch of the next-generation IoT platform,’s Dr. Tom Lombardo discussed Seebo’s IoT Platform and how its smart product planning tools benefit engineers. Seebo’s IoT Creator lets designers “choose from a multitude of smart components”, while the “proprietary algorithm” matches the right modules to the desired product concept. The virtual “drag-and-drop development environment” empowers engineers to “test features as they are added”, while maintaining an accurate total of the cost of the product.

The article also focuses on the use of a micro-controller in energy-related smart products, such as smart ceiling fans and outlets, that can be made via Seebo’s platform.

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IoT Use Cases - how to create the perfect smart product concept


Zahava Dalin-Kaptzan

Zahava is a Content and Marketing Manager at Seebo and a writer who loves exploring new technologies through the written world.