The world of smart pet products is climbing higher each year.  Back in 2013, Michael Roppolo reported that “Americans spent $55.7 billion on their pets…and spending could creep closer to $60 billion this year [2014] for the estimated 80 million dogs and 96 million cats in the U.S. today. Pet food and product trends tend to follow human food and product trends”.

Whistle, the “San Francisco-based company that specializes in wearable activity monitors for dogs”, is one of the many pet product companies that has cropped up in the last few years.

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More recently, Wareable did a roundup of the coolest GPS and tracking collars for cats and dogs. If you’re addicted to your Apple Watch, chances are you’ll want one of these baddies for your four-legged friend.

The number of companies producing smart wearables to monitor pet health or location is seeing a dramatic increase in the last year.  

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For example, UK company Pitapet developed a device called, unsurprisingly, the PitPat. It attaches to a dog collar and transmits information about how your dog sleeps, runs, and walks to a smartphone app.
Another company, PetChatz, created the PawCall that lets your pet call you.  “You can set the schedule, but when the light on the device blinks, your pet can press the button and initiate a call over the company’s video phone…no need to worry about your pet when you stay late at work or go out of town. The Internet of Things has got you covered and can assuage your guilt”.

Moving away from smart pet products and onto agricultural animals, Lorence Heikell at Microsoft News writes how innovative cow-monitoring systems give farmers insight that can boost milk production, ease the calving process and ensure healthier cows – all while saving farmers time.

Using the “SCR HealthyCow24” technology that was developed by an Israeli-based company, Steffen Hake and other farmers with “connected” cows no longer have to dedicate nearly all of their precious time to monitoring their prized milk producers.

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“If I had told this to someone a couple of years back, they would have thought man, you’re nuts,” Hake says. “But that’s the technology. It works.”

Given the general trend for pampering our pets more than we do ourselves, it will be interesting to see how quickly smart pet products and the IoT animal industry expands.

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