Ireland is one of the fastest-growing high-tech hubs on the globe, and this month, Ireland’s largest technology site added Seebo to its list of “25 Incredible Internet of Things Startups” to look out for in 2017″. The Silicon Republic article covers Europe’s quickly advancing startup field and focuses on the Internet of Things, or IoT startups.

Seebo, the development platform for easy and cost-efficient smart product development, joins other big names in IoT, a field being touted as the fourth “industrial revolution“. Entry in the top 25 was based on “technological relevance” and funding over the last year, according to the article.

While other IoT startups included individual smart products such as the Cyc-Lock smart lock, smart home monitoring systems, and other system controllers, Seebo is the only IoT development platform on the list . The platform covers the entire smart product development, from ideation and design, through prototyping and development.

Seebo hardware costing engine solution. Seebo - The Development Platform for Smart Products
Seebo is the only IoT development platform to offer a full hardware costing engine and cost solutions. Image source: Seebo

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The development platform for smart products also made’s list of 100 startups to watch in 2017.




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