“So many functions, so many sensors, so much complexity”. That’s how George Anadiotis described smart product development in the August 5th article from ZDNet, which took a deep dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) development process and the difficulties manufacturers face. The article discusses how Seebo’s design and development tools “make IoT projects easier”, in large part through the unique hardware engine that translates the user’s chosen smart features into actual electronic components. Anadiotis also pointed out that the IoT platform doesn’t stop there – Seebo also provides cost estimates and sourcing for the hardware, as well as development tools and a simulator that lets developers test in a virtual environment, simplifying the entire process for manufacturers new to the world of smart products.

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Zahava Dalin-Kaptzan

Zahava is a Content and Marketing Manager at Seebo and a writer who loves exploring new technologies through the written world.